Hexacon 2022?

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Bruno Piqueur
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Hexacon 2022?

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I'm posting here as the Hexacon topics seem to be locked.

Where can I find information whether and (if yes) when Hexacon 2022 will take place?

Kind regards,

Bruno Piqueur
Detlef Borchert
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Re: Hexacon 2022?

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Dear Bruno,

thank you very much for your interest in the Hexacon.
Unfortunately I cannot answer many questions yet.
For the realization of the Con we need a permission of the Ordnungsamt Braunfels, which is not yet available.
Since in Germany at the moment in short intervals always new decrees about the pandemic come out, a binding statement before mid-April will not be possible.
It is possible that the con will have to be cancelled again, but it is also possible that we will be allowed to hold it without any conditions. This depends on the current developments.
On our website www.ghs-kosim.de we always inform about news.

Planned and booked are the following dates:
Hexacon: Monday, the 23.05. - Sunday, the 29.05.2022.
Wintercon: Tuesday, the 22.11. until Sunday, the 27.11.2022.
Everything else will be announced.

Best regards
Benjamin Richter
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Re: Hexacon 2022?

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If, as I do not hope, no Con will be allowed in Germany, it might be worth to consider going abroad. Belgium or Luxembourg, for example, are central and far less restrictive.