Opponents in Braunfels

Dieser Bereich ist für Fragen zum Hexacon, Verabredungen zu Spielen, Turniere, Tourismus und Informationen.
Der Hexacon XXIX findet vom 11. Mai bis 17. Mai 2015 in Braunfels statt.
Jetzt ist dieser Bereich gesperrt.
giacomo tempestini
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Opponents in Braunfels

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Good Day to all,

I'm Giacomo and probably someone of you remember me...for the others I was the only italian guy ever joined Hexacon...
Ok not this year...this year as far as I know we will be three italians there...and we (Carlo, Giuliano and me) are looking for arrangements and opponents obviously better if English speaking...
:-) :-)

This is a list of multiplayer games we can easily play, feel free to propose others (multiplayer or also head to head)...

Nation in Arms (Compass Games)
Successors (GMT)
Pax Romana (GMT)
Virgin Queen (GMT)
Here I Stand (GMT)
Junta (WEG)
Machiavelli (AH)
Dune (AH)
Soldier Kings (AVL)
Assyrian Wars (UDG)

I hope to see you soon...