Hallo from a new member!

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Paul Hederer
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Hallo from a new member!

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Hello to you all,

My name is Paul, and I am a long-time war gamer who has recently started gaming again after many years away (for job and family.)

I am mostly interested in games from the period 1914-1918 and "To the Green Fields Beyond" is one of my favorite games, but I do have some WWII games also, like Squad Leader.

My gaming collection is about 50 games, from older SPI and AH titles, to the newer games from Hexasim (Marne 1918: Friedensturm) and Nuts! (Somme 1918), Strafexpedition, and 1914, Twilight in the East.

A fellow-gamer suggested that I join here, as I am looking for possible gamers in the Frankfurt/Rhein-Main-Gebiet and also via Vassal/Skype and CBB.

Ich spreche gern Deutsch, aber meine mutter Sprache ist Englisch. :)

"Es gibt eine Vorsehung, die beschützt Idioten, Betrunkene, Kinder und die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika." -Bismarck

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