Happy Birthday, Alpenfestung! 10th tournament coming up this summer!

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Happy Birthday, Alpenfestung! 10th tournament coming up this summer!

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Happy Birthday, Alpenfestung!

The first event of our tournament series took place in April of 2011, some five years ago. This year, we will celebrate the 10th Alpenfestung ASL tournament! What makes this Swiss tournament series so different from other ASL tournaments in Europe? According to the statements of those players who attended:
  • It is still a small, very personal gathering with just four players.
    It takes place in beautiful locations in various regions of Switzerland. Often, you will have a spectacular mountain view right from your gaming table.
    Players enjoy tasty and healthy food
    The overall atmosphere of the event is very relaxed. You will have plenty of time for conversations with other players, and take a stroll into the beautiful surroundings of the venue.
    And, last but not least, players enjoy to play carefully chosen scenarios against challenging players!
Be part of the anniversary edition of the Alpenfestung! Here are the possible dates http://doodle.com/poll/bshae866bbgwfr78 for you to join us.

Visit also my Alpenfestung Wiki http://alpenfestung.pbworks.com/w/page/ ... tung%C2%BB.

Greetings from Switzerland,