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Dieser Bereich ist für Fragen zum Hexacon, Verabredungen zu Spielen, Veranstaltung von Turnieren, Tourismus und Informationen.
Der Hexacon XXXI findet vom 22. bis 28. Mai 2017 in Braunfels statt.
giacomo tempestini
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Hi all,

I'm Giacomo from Italy and my two friends Giuliano, Carlo and I will come to Braunfels the whole week.
It's our third time together there!

I write this post in case you speak a little bit English and have some interest in meet one of us in a face to face match or all the group in a multiplayer match...
So I leave you my personal mail and a list of games we will bring with us in Germany...


List of games (Giacomo):

Civil War (VG),
Eastfront/Eurofront (CG),
Napoleon (CG)
Barbarossa to Berlin (GMT),
Napoleon's Last Battles SPI/DG

List of games (Carlo):

Battle for Stalingrad
Crusade and Revolution: The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
Fire in the Lake
For the People
Grand Fleet
No Peace Without Spain!
Operation Dauntless: The Battles for Fontenay and Rauray, France, June 1944
Paths of Glory
Russian Civil War 1918-1922 (first edition)
Soldier Kings
Stalin's War
Storm Over Normandy
Successors (third edition)
Tonkin: The Indochina war 1950-54 (second edition)
Unhappy King Charles!
Virgin Queen
Warriors of God
When Lions Sailed

Bye and thanks, I hope to meet you (again) in Hexacon!

Henry Bradley
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If you are not already booked. Would you and your two friends be interested in joining a multiplayer game of Holy Roman Empire on Friday 26 May from 0900?