Megagame Segoku Roku am Sa 7.5.

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Der Hexacon XXX findet vom 2. bis 8. Mai 2016 in Braunfels statt.
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Megagame Segoku Roku am Sa 7.5.

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hier möchte ich einmal die Einladung zu unserem auf dem XXX. Hexacon geplanten Megagame veröffentlichen. Das Spiel "Sengoku Roku" wird wieder am Samstag 7.5. stattfinden. Dieses Mal geht´s ins feudale Japan. Wir benötigen mindestens 30 Anmeldungen!

Infos und Anmeldung über diesen Link: ... troduction

und dann noch die Langfassung ;) :

Sengoku Roku

On the 7th of May 2016, Stichting Megagames NL will organise in cooperation

with the GHS (Gesellschaft fuer Historische Simulationen) its second megagame

in Germany at the 30th GHS HEXACON in Braunfels, Germany.

This game is about the political and military activity during the Sengoku Era

of Japanese History (roughly speaking the second half of the 16th century).

This is an age of land-grabbing lords (daimyo), incessant warfare and power

plays. We start the game in year 19 of the Tenbun Era. The current Shogun,

Ashikaga Yoshiteru, is only 16 years old and currently in exile.

Much of the game is about the power politics of the time, the forming and

dissolution of alliances and consequent military activity. However, it is

important that under all circumstances, correct behaviour and etiquette is

observed. An impolite man is an unlucky man.

Another part of the game has to do with economics as each controlled province

provides rice income and possibly cash income. With this income, troops can be

levied, and castles/fortresses maintained or built.

Player teams come in 3 kinds. First, seven or more player teams represent the

most important clans of the time. Second, two of the teams represent large,

influential and military strong temples of warrior monks (Sohei). The last

team is formed by the Bakufu (The Shogun's military and civil administration

which serves the Empire, not the Emperor).

Like last year, members of the GHS can enter the game for free, provided they

have registered. Non members of the GHS will be charged the usual game fee

and can benefit from the same conditions as last year. What is important is

that we want to make the go/no go decision at the end of March. If you think

the game is interesting for you, register as soon as you can.

For more information about the game, I refer to our game website: ... troduction

This site will give you more information on the actual game and more

background information on megagaming in general. In the run towards

the actual event, updates will be posted every 2 weeks.

Hoping to see you in May 2016,

Marc Seutter

Treasurer Stg. Megagames NL
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Re: Megagame Segoku Roku am Sa 7.5.

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Hallo liebe Vereinsmitglieder,

hier noch mal ein Aufruf für das Megagame! Wer am Megagame teilnehmen möchte sollte sich unbedingt schnell anmelden, die Deadline ist Ende März! Die Anmeldungen sind bisher sehr spärlich. Wir brauchen noch mindestens 20 Anmeldungen damit das Megagame stattfinden kann!!!

Infos und Anmeldung über diesen Link: ... troduction