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Verfasst: Do 21. Mär 2013, 16:53
von giacomo tempestini
Hi all,

I'm Giacomo from Italy and I will come to Braunfels the whole week.
I came also in 2003 and 2012 and probably I met some of you last year.

I write this post in case you speak a little bit english and have some interest in meet me in a match...
So I leave you my personal mail, collection and playable games...



played/owned and wish to play:
Civil War (VG),
Eastfront/Eurofront (CG),
Republic of Rome (AH),
Sword of Rome (GMT),
Advanced Civilization (AH),
Hannibal (AH),
Junta (AH?),
Guerrilla (AH),
Napoleon (CG)
World in Flames (ADG),
Empire in Arms (AH),
Pax Romana (GMT),
The Great War in Europe (GMT),
Path of Glory (GMT),
Barbarossa to Berlin (GMT),
Europe/Asia Engulfed (GMT),
Napoleonic Wars (GMT),
Wellington (GMT)
Britannia (AH),
PQ-17 (GMT),
Successors (GMT),
The Kaiser's Pirates (GMT),
Rommel in the Desert (CG),
Crusaders (TCS The Gamers),
Bismark (WWW),
Imperium Romanum 2 (WEG),
Flat Top (AH),
Guns of August (AH),
Jutland (AH),
Kremlin (AH),
King Maker (AH),
The Longest Day (AH),
Sands of War (WEG),
The Russian Campaign (AH),
U-Boat (AH),
War and Peace (AH),
Struggle of Nations (AH),
La bataille (series, COA),
Struggle for Europe (Series, COA)
Wooden Ships and Iron Men (AH),
Axis and Allies
Clash of Monarchs (GMT)
Napoleon's Last Battles SPI/DG

Bye and thanks, I hope to meet you (again) in Hexacon!


Re: Opponents!?!?

Verfasst: Mo 25. Mär 2013, 07:35
von Paul Hederer
Hello Giacomo,

E-mail sent!