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Empires in Arms?

Verfasst: Di 12. Feb 2013, 12:53
von Benjamin Richter
Hallo allerseits,

ich bin ein großer Fan des Klassikers "Empires in Arms" (Napoleonische Kriege). Leider ist es mir noch nie gelungen, eine größere Gruppe dafür zusammenzubekommen, um die politisch-diplomatische Dimension voll auszukosten. Vielleicht klappt es ja beim Hexacon? Wer Lust auf eine Partie hat, möge mir einfach eine Mail schicken (

Vier bis fünf Leute sollten wir schon sein (insgesamt können sieben Mächte gespielt werden: Frankreich, England, Russland, Österreich, Preußen, Spanien, Türkei). Ich poste das so früh, damit zeitaufwendige Vorbereitungen (Regelkenntnis, Optionenauswahl, wer spielt was, ggf. erste Verhandlungen etc.) schon im Vorhinein getroffen werden und wir uns in Braunfels wirklich aufs Spielen konzentrieren können, denn EiA braucht seine Zeit - aber es lohnt sich!!!

Würde mich freuen, von euch zu hören.



Re: Empires in Arms?

Verfasst: Do 21. Mär 2013, 16:40
von giacomo tempestini
Hi Benny,

I'm Giacomo from Italy and I will come to Braunfels the whole week.
I came also in 2003 and 2012.
I played Empire in Arms 3 times in a group of 7 people...
I would be happy to join for an EiA match in Braunfels if a group will be found...
In any case if you speak a little bit english and have some interest in meet me in a match (also different type) I leave you my personal mail, collection and playable games...



played/owned and wish to play:
Civil War (VG),
Eastfront/Eurofront (CG),
Republic of Rome (AH),
Sword of Rome (GMT),
Advanced Civilization (AH),
Hannibal (AH),
Junta (AH?),
Guerrilla (AH),
Napoleon (CG)
World in Flames (ADG),
Empire in Arms (AH),
Pax Romana (GMT),
The Great War in Europe (GMT),
Path of Glory (GMT),
Barbarossa to Berlin (GMT),
Europe/Asia Engulfed (GMT),
Napoleonic Wars (GMT),
Wellington (GMT)
Britannia (AH),
PQ-17 (GMT),
Successors (GMT),
The Kaiser's Pirates (GMT),
Rommel in the Desert (CG),
Crusaders (TCS The Gamers),
Bismark (WWW),
Imperium Romanum 2 (WEG),
Flat Top (AH),
Guns of August (AH),
Jutland (AH),
Kremlin (AH),
King Maker (AH),
The Longest Day (AH),
Sands of War (WEG),
The Russian Campaign (AH),
U-Boat (AH),
War and Peace (AH),
Struggle of Nations (AH),
La bataille (series, COA),
Struggle for Europe (Series, COA)
Wooden Ships and Iron Men (AH),
Axis and Allies
Clash of Monarchs (GMT)
Napoleon's Last Battles SPI/DG

I hope to know you at Hexacon...


Re: Empires in Arms?

Verfasst: So 24. Mär 2013, 11:35
von Hanno Meier
Hallo Benny, hi Giacomo,

ich werde mal in Englisch schreiben.

We are a larger group of players, who are strongly considering to play Empires in Arms at the Hexacon 2013. Maybe you saw us last year playing Wacht am Rhein (and Korsun Pocket in 2011).

Currently we expect to have 3 (maybe 4) players available Wednesday and two more on Thursday. Then we plan to stay (and play) until Sunday. 2 of the Group (including myself) are Empires in Arms veterans, but the last game was about 10 years ago. But we still remember how much fun and role playing this game brought.

So, are both of you still interested in playing the game? If yes, are you also available starting wednesday?

Have a nice Sunday,

Re: Empires in Arms?

Verfasst: So 24. Mär 2013, 15:45
von Benjamin Richter
Dear Hanno,

Giacomo and I were interested in Empires in Arms, but there didn't seem to be a sufficiently large group. So we considered playing something else. I'm still interested in EiA though. So far, I committed myself to a game of "Onward, Christian Soldiers" on Tuesday and Wednesday. Maybe we finish that on Wednesday before afternoon already, I can't tell.

I assume that you would play the campaign game. Have you already determined who will take which country? I would be glad to hear from you again.


Re: Empires in Arms?

Verfasst: So 24. Mär 2013, 19:17
von Hanno Meier
Hello Benjamin,

our decision making process was quite long this year, but now the majority of the team has shown interest in EiA. Before choosing sides, we would need to discuss required optional / additional rules, I think.

Therefore the sides are still open.

Depending on the schedule and availability of all players, we could also start Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.

Regards, Hanno

Re: Empires in Arms?

Verfasst: Mo 25. Mär 2013, 11:48
von giacomo tempestini
Hi agree with Benny,
we are trying to manage a Clash of Monarcks match, but we can play EiA instead if some pre-conditions apply...
Keep us informed...


Re: Empires in Arms?

Verfasst: Mo 25. Mär 2013, 13:39
von Benjamin Richter
Dear Hanno,

how about discussing these issues with all the interested players in an email group? My address is - Giacomo has provided his address in his first message.

We would be glad to hear from you.

Best regards,