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West End Games und ASL zu verkaufen

Verfasst: Mi 14. Jun 2017, 20:14
von Oliver Ahrendt
West End Games: Tank Leader Desert Steel: Punched, unplayed excellent condition 30 Eur.
Tank Leader Western Front: unpunched, some counters popped out of sheet, very good condition 30 Eur.
Critical Hit ASL Comp: Backhand Blow King Size Counters Mint 60 Eur.
Critical Hit: ASL Comp: Countersheet St Lo 44 Infantry Mint 8 Eur.
Critical Hit ASL Comp Countersheet St Lo 44 AFv and Guns Mint 5 Eur.
Critical Hit ASL Counters: Black Waffen SS (punched an unpunched) and British Infantry (punched, clipped from the module Scottish Corridor 5 Eur.
Bounding Fire Productions Black Waffen SS from Crucible of Steel and Operation Cobra unpunched 5 Eur.