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von Paul Hederer
Sa 23. Nov 2013, 10:52
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Thema: Spielerliste --error 500
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Spielerliste --error 500

I think the Spielerliste has been down for some time--I only get "error 500" when I try to look?
von Paul Hederer
Sa 18. Mai 2013, 08:11
Forum: Sonstiges
Thema: Oregon Laminations 2mm clippers!
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Oregon Laminations 2mm clippers!

Some guys were asking about these at Braunfels. I bought a pair of them, and I can strongly recommend them. I've only clipped 1/2" counters from Somme 1918 and they are thick (really think.) The results are very, very good. It took me awhile to get the hang of it, but I found if I hold the clip...
von Paul Hederer
Sa 18. Mai 2013, 06:28
Forum: Hexacon in Braunfels
Thema: Hexacon Photos at C3I Ops Center
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Hexacon Photos at C3I Ops Center


It was a great pleasure to meet many of you at Braunfels!

Rodger MacGowan at GMT was kind enough to post some of our photos from 1914:Twilight in the East at the C3I Ops Center.


von Paul Hederer
Mo 25. Mär 2013, 07:35
Forum: Hexacon in Braunfels
Thema: Opponents!?!?
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Re: Opponents!?!?

Hello Giacomo,

E-mail sent!

von Paul Hederer
Mi 20. Mär 2013, 19:10
Forum: Sonstiges
Thema: Hallo from a new member!
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Hallo from a new member!

Hello to you all, My name is Paul, and I am a long-time war gamer who has recently started gaming again after many years away (for job and family.) I am mostly interested in games from the period 1914-1918 and "To the Green Fields Beyond" is one of my favorite games, but I do have some WWI...